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(Ferbruary 19, 2014)

Download Urban Trend Expands its Unique Family of Stylish and Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., February 19, 2014 – Industry-leading housewares company Urban Trend has expanded its lineup of innovative, high quality kitchen gadgets to include six different products, offering users superior design and functionality at affordable pricing. The expansion of Urban Trend’s kitchen gadget family, which now includes a Multi-Peeler, Citrus Juicer, Ice Cream Scoop and Measuring Cup as well as a Bagel Cutter and a Garlic Press, reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to growing this division of its business and serving the kitchen gadget market.

All of Urban Trend’s kitchen gadgets feature proprietary designs that provide significant performance advantages, making them more effective, durable and easier to use than other devices available. They also boast a stylish look and coordinated color scheme that complements any kitchen environment. According to Michael Stoll, president of Urban Trend, the Newport Beach, Calif.-based company is dedicated to providing discerning consumers kitchen gadgets that deliver unparalleled performance, style and reliability. “We’re committed to providing solution-based devices that make it significantly easier to perform a wide variety of kitchen tasks,” said Stoll. “Quite simply, our kitchen gadgets offer the best of all worlds; superior design, style, durability and value. It’s a recipe for success that not only completely satisfies the users of our products, but also maximizes sales and profits for our retail
Urban Trend’s current kitchen gadget lineup includes the following:

NEW! Urban Trend’s Multi-Peeler
Urban Trend’s next-generation Multi-Peeler has both serrated and straight cutting blades making peeling of fruits and vegetables quick and easy. The peeling head rotates 90 degrees so the user can peel from either a “straight” or “Y” position to suit the individual’s preferred cutting techniques and motions. Stainless steel blades and durable plastic construction ensure outstanding performance and long life, while also allowing for easy cleaning.

NEW! Urban Trend’s Citrus Juicer
Urban Trend’s Citrus Juicer features an intelligent design that makes it simple to enjoy fresh, healthy citrus juices. The stylish and durable manual juicer features two interchangeable juicing attachments: one specifically designed for lemons and limes and the other for oranges and grapefruit. Each juicing head is optimally designed for the specific citrus fruit to maximize juice extraction, while filtering all seeds. The strained juice fills a large reservoir with a convenient pouring spout.

NEW! Urban Trend’s Ice Cream Scoop
Urban Trend’s new Ice Cream Scoop is uniquely designed for easy and efficient scooping of your favorite frozen delight. The plated aluminum scoop is sized and angled to make scooping even hard-packed ice cream from the ubiquitous one-pint container a simple task, while the rugged, ergonomically-designed plastic handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip. This next-generation device also makes it easy to reach and scoop the last bit of ice cream at the bottom crevices of the container.

NEW! Urban Trend’s Measuring Cup
Urban Trend has launched the most innovative measuring cup in years, and one that will surely redefine the field. Featuring an easy-to-read conicaldesign allowing the user to see measured amounts from almost any angle without having to lift the measuring cup off the counter or bend down to view it at eye
level. The new Urban Trend Measuring Cup is actually two measuring cups in one. On one side, the wide mouth opening is perfect for up to four cups of measure. Flip the measuring cup over, and a smaller reservoir accurately measures just a single cup. It also boasts rugged construction, an ergonomic design, and easy-to-read incremental measure marks.

Urban Trend’s Garlic Press
Instead of requiring finger strength, the Urban Trend Table-Top Garlic Press uses superior design to achieve optimum results. Unlike ordinary garlic presses that put considerable strain on the hand and fingers, the innovative Urban Trend’s Garlic Press employs the leverage and strength of the user’s entire
arm for effortless operation. It’s specially designed for long life and easy cleaning.

Urban Trend Bagel’s Cutter
Any bagel lover will appreciate the user-friendliness and convenience of the Urban Trend Bagel Cutter. Unlike “guillotine” type bagel cutters, which are awkward, have exposed blades and require the user to push down with considerable force, Urban Trend’s innovative gadget offers a safe and easy alternative. Thanks to the specialized design of the Urban Trend cutter, the blade is never exposed. You simply press the bagel against the cutter and rotate the device to slice through cleanly, safely and effortlessly.

About Urban Trend
Urban Trend’s categories of exceptionally designed, unique merchandise enable retail customers to maximize their sales and profit. Urban Trend believes that today’s retailer requires innovative, high quality products in order to maintain a competitive edge. And that’s exactly what Urban Trend delivers. We focus primarily on two dynamic growth areas: Urban Trend – Kitchen Gadgets & Wine Accessories, and Urban Trend –KidsFunWares™ (housewares for children). Our mission is to supply consumers with outstanding merchandise that earns their trust, while also exceeding the expectations of our retail partners. Urban Trend is able to accomplish this by consistently providing superior products and worldclass customer service.

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