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(July 9, 2016)

Download Be a Cut Up with the Mistral Mandoline Slicer and HomeTown Bagel Knife

Mistral Mandoline Slicer and HomeTown Bagel Knife
Rating: 4/5

Cooking has always required patience, a steady hand and the ability to get used to being cut by a sharp knife or knife-like implement now and then (ask any Chef, this can be brutal). But there’s no way to get around cutting a bagel other than doing it, or having to use a slicer when it comes to slicing or julienning fruits and vegetables. Fortunately Urban Trend has your back, make that protecting your hands with their HomeTown Bagel Knife (retail $19.98) and Mistral Mandoline Slicer (retail $34.99).

The Bagel Knife has a green handle and a smooth feel to it so it’s both areas on the eyes as well as the hand. It’s designed so that your hand does not have to get up close and personal with the bagel s a knife is slicing through — here the stainless steel blade makes its way through the bagel (hot or cold, doesn’t matter) so also to execute a competent separation of top from bottom. That also means no jagged edges which generate crumbs as well as looking less than esthetic. Of course it also can work with other foodstuffs, such as baguettes or muffins (though why anyone would separate top from bottom of a muffin when the whole thing is so delicious..?) or other items rounded which need/can be bisected in two. Add a protective blade cover and the fact that it’s top track dishwasher safe (for those too lazy to do a little hand work), and what else is there to say. What there isn’t to say is “ouch” because now there’s a fast, safe and effective way to give cream cheese two equal halves to cover.

But while a bagel may have its ups and downs, the issues to deal with when slicing with a sharp knife are many. That’s why it’s many times better (and safer) to use the Mistral Mini Mandoline. As expected of the name, it’s more compact and convenient for tabletop use, but in no way are the results small or insignificant. The Mistral employs a very sharp doublesided stainless steel micro-serrated blade. What this means to the person doing the slicing is that the “backstroke” can be just as effective as the initial forward slicing — because the Mistral slices in both directions. Besides doubling the amount of slicing at any given time and minimizing the impact on one’s hand over time, it allows for a rhythm to be built up so as to even the slices out. There’s 3 settings for the thickness (slicing) and for the julienning it’s not a one size to eat all slice. Perhaps the best part is that the non-skid base and hand guard allow for its use either flat on the working surface (I..e, counter top, etc.), but also for angling it for free-form use in a vertical position. And yes there is a safety lock and safety markings to ensure that the person using it is getting the advantage of the safety element as constructed. All this is important because for the slicing to be effective, that blade has to be really, really sharp. And it is.

Both the Hometown Bagel Knife and the Mistral Mandoline Slicer are designed with Urban Trend’s attitude towards making kitchen tools that are simple to use, while being highly efficient at what they are designed to do. And it doesn’t hurt to have their look be attractive so as to fit in with the kitchen’s decor either.

Marshal Rosenthal
LA Home Technology Examiner
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